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Information about T Shirt Printing and various types of it :

Printing tees either with graphics, words or numbers has now become a trend in our everyday lives. Be it for the purpose of identity (for a group), fashion, advertisement or marketing, one can confidently say that it is one strategy that has worked in drawing the attention of others. To put a simple definition to it, printing tees is the act and art of etching words, number or graphics on t-shirts for whatever purpose it is intended. Most times, we find that people are attached to particular shirts because of the logo or inscriptions on them and that just even stresses the power of printing tees the more.

Want to know more about printing process? Below are some printing info that could give you an insight on what it encompasses.

Different Types of Printing Tees : There are different kinds of shirt printing techniques and they include:

(1) Screen Printing: This is the most common type of printing on t shirts today. Having a long time history, the screen printing technique has been tested and has stood the test of time hence its pervasive use in many countries and printing industries of today. In fact, it stands as the standard of top quality across the printing industry.How the screen printing works ? To achieve a screen print, a "screen" (a thin clothing) is created for each of the colors to be applied on the t shirt.

After this, the design to be printed on the t-shirt is etched on the screen and afterwards placed on the t shirt to be designed. The ink is then poured on the screen and pushed through the screen onto the garment with a squeegee.

(2) Heat transfer Method: This printing process involves creating a design of choice on a computer and transferring it on a shirt using an iron or heating machine. All you need for this print design is a heat transfer paper on which your design will be printed on. This paper is then carefully placed on the t shirt and compressed with heat. At the end of process,the design would have been transferred from the paper to the t shirt.

(3) Direct to Garment: Just as the name implies, the Direct to Garment printing method is one where inscriptions are printed directly on the garment in a way that after production, the ink is properly align on the t shirt just like ink on paper. This type of method is best suited for small or few orders.

(4) Embroidery: Embroidery designs are not printing per se. Here logos or inscriptions are created with the use of thread and an embroidery machine. This method guarantees a long time use of garment without wear on the logo or inscription and gives a very professional and mature t shirt look.

The above are some t shirt printing types that would let you in on what is really going on in the industry and most likely spark your interest in getting one for yourself, family, friends or even colleagues.